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The advantages of solid timber doors

If you’re renovating your home or even building a new one from scratch, then at some point you’ll have to think about doors. Unless you have a completely open plan home, doors help to break up space, delineate living areas and provide privacy. There are many sizes, shapes and style of doors but in most homes, interior doors will be made of just a few materials.

The types of materials you choose will determine how effective they are and the cost of your renovation. For example, glass doors can be expensive but do offer increased light whilst blocking out sound. Hollow doors are cheap and light but lose out on safety and sound prevention. One of the best choices for interior doors, both for traditional and modern homes, is solid timber doors.

The good thing about timber is that it is easily cut to size to fit any door frame. It can be easily hung using hinges or can be adapted to fit sliding frames. Wood is a beautiful natural material that adds warmth to any home. However, it is also easy to paint and produces a great finish that’s great for working with any colour scheme.

Solid timber is also very effective at insulating against heat loss and acts as a safety barrier against fire. A solid wood door will hold off a fire for as long as twenty minutes, which could be lifesaving. Solid timber is also an effective insulator against noise, meaning if you are looking for a little bit of privacy, this is again the natural choice.

Wood is an affordable, renewable and sustainable material that is perfect for making doors, window frames and other structural parts of the home. So if it is time to replace your doors, why not invest in some that will last a lifetime?

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