Chopping boards

Bedson Chopping boards

Bedson adds Chopping boards to decor line

Our Decor items are handmade from Solid wood. Practical, beautiful and tough; our Chopping boards and Tables are a must have that add priceless value.

A key NEW product from our Decor range are Solid Wood Chopping boards that add styling and rustic charm in addition to being multi purpose products.

All the wood used to carefully craft each block is homegrown from “green” forests. All Bedson Chopping boards are manufactured with precision machinery using all natural products to balance making your board unique, while maintaining the highest standards in each step of our planing, ripping, adhesion, measuring, cutting, sanding and oiling processes.

Made from a variety of exotic solid wood types, We strive to bring an artistic quality to every board we make your piece can seamlessly fit in as a contemporary, yet rustic, homey and warm piece of home décor when not in use. We know each style, each home and each space is unique, so we offer a wide variety sizes and thicknesses to fit your taste and need.

Our boards are made from all natural healthy wood products, and not from chemically plagued plastic products. The Chopping boards require minimal, but needed maintenance to help keep your board in good condition. To assist you in maintaining a world class board, we offer an easy to follow “Do’s and Don’t” maintenance guide that comes complimentary with every piece.

Sizes available are:
330 x 330mm, 350 x 440mm, 350 x 520mm


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