Bullnose Profile

The smoothest of profiles, the rounded edge creates an attractive contrast between the straight planes of the surface and its curved sides. It creates a uniquely slick, streamlined look. The absence of any sharp corners makes this an excellent choice for a busy kitchen, particularly if children are likely to be passing through. Usually 19mm thick in various sizes with one rounded and one squared edge, it is commonly used to finish the edge of tongue and groove flooring but also works well to top a chair rail or as beading in other combination designs.

Species available:  Meranti & MDF


Sizes:  19x67mm    19 x 90mm    19 x 120mm     19 x 140mm

  MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Sizes:  19x67mm   19 x 90mm    19 x 120mm     19 x 140mm