Colorado Flooring and Decking

Colorado wood is used mainly for floors, decks and furniture. Other uses include construction (especially bridges and wharves), ship building, railway sleepers, mine timber and packing cases. These applications confirm the valuable and durable qualities of Colorado timber.

The Colorado tree can grow up to 35m in height with small whitish flowers. The species is very hardy and adapts to dry soils and humid soils with a high pH.

The wood is a hard, high quality timber – fine textured with an interlocking grain.

Solid Colorado hardwood floors offer several benefits to the homeowner, developers and designers.

They are easy to clean and maintain and do not trap pet hairs or pollens. Thanks to technological improvements, simply wiping the floor with a common household cleaner or a damp cloth will be sufficient.

Installed in the home, Colorado wood floors contribute to a healthy living environment, as hard-surface solid wood does not trap dust mites, hairs, pollens or other allergens, creating better air quality for all.

Colorado hardwood flooring helps prevent the build-up of harmful toxins. A recent EPA study found that while pesticides accumulate on both floors and other surfaces, it does less so on solid wood flooring.

Bedson Timbers Colorado Solid Timbers and Floor Decks

Colorado is a sustainable hardwood, thus environmentally friendly. Unlike most other floor coverings, genuine Colorado wood flooring comes from a totally natural resource that is environmentally sustainable. All timber used by Bedson is certified and harvested from forests that are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future.

A durable flooring surface is cost-effective. Hardwood floors, especially those with the high density of Colorado, will last the lifetime of the building. And even if, at some point, the owner wanted to dispose of the hardwoods floors, they are a naturally biodegradable product.

Colorado hardwood floors improve the structural integrity of a building. Once installed, these floors are one of the best natural insulating materials, helping to conserve energy resources and reduce heating bills in winter.

As a product of nature, Colorado solid wood flooring offers qualities and character, through unique smooth textures and range colours, like no other flooring finish. As such, they add character to any environment.

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