Eco- friendly range

Our new Eco-range of solid wood flooring, is geared for the home owner looking for a sustainable solid wood flooring that is also affordable. Eco in this case stands for Ecological and Economical which caters to the conservative spender, the younger wood flooring enthusiast  who might not have a strong financial backing, and the home owner. With the structural integrity of regular solid wood planks, the composite structure provides strength and stability that is key to any wooden floor.  Perfectly trimmed and cut to precision, these floor planks are ready to install right from the box. Using Glue down or Floating installation techniques, this range is designed to be installed with minimum waste, be it time or material. 

These wide planks are supplied in a range of 6 colour options plus Unfinished to help blend in with an interior space or to create a striking effect by standing out or seamlessly blending in.