Timber decking is a marvelous way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home, garden or building. A natural product in harmony with the environment, decking lends itself to a tremendous variety of forms and styles – all of which bring added beauty and value to any building or landscape.

A gorgeous sight. From the visual to the natural feel, and even the durability, decking also provides a great space for activity. When deciding to install or remodel a deck, many homeowners face a tough decision in terms of the material to use. The originality of a pure wood deck still carries immense value. Wood is both porous and fibrous, each board has its own unique granular signature that is highlighted by subtle textures that give your deck a unique look and feel.

An increased visual appeal, Favourable return on investment i.e Costs and Environmental effects are just a few of the additional benefits of a quality solid wood deck.

Decking blends with all types of gardens and building designs and can be tailored to suit all sized and budgets. Whether you would prefer a large, elevated deck, a free-standing island or a small intimate deck beyond your French or patio doors, the choice is yours. A deck can be installed at ground level or, preferably, for a true deck effect, in an elevated position – especially when it runs off the back of a house.

Some of our species can be used for exterior Decking as well as in house Flooring. The species below are the ones that we stock;